Welcom to the portal InfoCOLIC.com

Infant colic is a very common pathology in babies with a few months of life and is a real ordeal for babies and their parents.

This space is born from the will of professionals, parents and experts to gather all the possible information on non-pharmacological natural therapies to alleviate the symptoms of infant colicy. Analyzing the causes, the effects and making a compendium based on real experiences about means to alleviate it.

We hope you will find useful information to solve the problems of infantile colic. If you also have experience with any of these or other remedies you can help by uploading it. InfoCOLIC was born with the vocation of being a collaborative platform that is nurtured by the different experiences that the people that make up this community have lived.

To contribute and provide some remedy that has served you (special pajamas, massages, portage …) you must take into account the following:

  • You must collaborate constructively. That is, providing the experience with a specific therapy without underestimating or underestimating the rest.
  • Information on the application of the therapy should be provided.
  • The cons of each of these therapies must be reported. 

We hope this space is informative and useful. 

Welcome to Infocolic