Tui Na (Acupressure) is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Chinese medicine, the word Tui Na is composed of two words:

TUI means to push and NA whose meaning is to squeeze. This concept is about a vigorous massage technique that acts in the energy centers of the human body. 

The purpose of TUI NA is to restore the Qi, that is, the vital energy that has the human being, which circulates throughout the body and has been blocked at some point.

The causes that cause the imbalance of Qi can be varied, such as emotional alterations, hereditary affections, traumatisms, maladjustment to modern life that is often the cause of stress and tension. 

It is very important to know: The symptoms that warn us that something is not right in our body can be alleviated or solved with Tui Na but if we do not know what causes those symptoms it will be difficult to completely alleviate the discomfort of the person.

The restoration of the Qi with Tui Na is performed with manual techniques, making friction, kneading, pressure, cheekbones and other manipulations on the channels or meridians that circulate through our body with double travel, YIN and YAN, also used in very specific points Of the channels that we speak that are treated with acupuncture, that is, if you can not apply acupuncture well because the person is afraid of needles or because it is not indicated by other causes can treat the conditions with Tui Na.

The wonderful world of manual techniques is very extensive and especially Tui Na (Acupresión), it takes a long time to know it to perfection and practice.

In my professional experience, always multidisciplinary, which I have been practicing for two years, since the market demand thus indicates to me that it must be taught me that this profession is a continuous training, learning and practicing a lot, besides not staying in giving a Massage but reach the patient and “educate” in the understanding of prevention rather than cure, because when they come to you are sore or annoying.

From my humble point of view and from what I have read and studied, the practice of massage in babies yes that can help to improve their problems in this case of colic of the infant  giving massage in specific areas with Tui Na and / or giving massage Specific in the baby’s belly.

Posted by: Virginia MILLAN