This Natural Therapy, based on the combination of several manual therapies  en la combinación de varias terapias manuales, is the result of th commitment to an integral health care and, specifically, the work developed by Raúl Guzmán, Osteopath DO, leading in this field the multidisciplinary  team in the Clinic VASS composed mainly, by osteopaths and physiotherapists specialized in Child Care.


Photo: Raúl Guzmán applying the Distal Therapy.


-Distal Therapy is the result of many years of experience working with babies-

¿What is Distal Therapy ?

Distal Therapy is a Method that is born from the need for a comprehensive approach to certain disorders to achieve effective results in the treatment of childhood digestive pathologies.


– This is the treatment proposed by Distal Therapy –


It is a Specific Program for the treatment of digestive problems in newborns, infants and children and its objective is: 

  • Treatment of non-pathological reflux. 
  • Constipation and the gases that affect the baby so much.
  • Infant cramps, so feared by parents for their negative impact on the baby, their diet and the family environment (schedules, sleep disorders, etc.), which often have an impact on the poor evolution of the baby’s problem and prevents parents from enjoying their first weeks, months, of life.

Although parents may appear to be different situations, with different effects, we know that reflux and constipation are closely related to infant colic and can not be solved without a method that has a global effect.

Although parents may appear to be different situations with different effects, we know that reflux and constipation are closely related to infant colic and can not be solved without a method that has a global effect.

It is true that almost always (or usually) only talk about babies with colic of the infant, but pediatricians know perfectly that on many occasions all these problems are presented at the same time, and therefore it is necessary to apply a solution that has this global effect, so Distal Therapy is  a method that seeks to achieve this result.

Distal Therap has been created and designed to assist and teach parents to cope with these situations and to learn about  the remedies, techniques and maneuvers that can help solve their baby’s aliments, more information (Click Here)


¿Is Distal Therapy Effective?

Normally, if we are talking about a patient only with colic of the infant, the baby will improve a lot from the first session and may need one/two more on average.

The treatment can be prolonged in those more complicated cases, in which baby presents reflux or even constipation.


 -An Effective Solution Against Infant Colic –

The VASS Clinic has provided an excellent field of expertise,  since being a Specialized Center in the treatment of children and babies. 
Distal Therapy has been put into practice in thousands of cases that have been successfully treated.

More information: Distal TherapyInfant Colic Unit and  VASS Clinic.

¿Who is Raúl Guzmán?

He is an expert Spanish Osteopathl who has been working for more than 20 years with infants who suffer from the infantile colic pains, shaping his  know-how in his book “Infantile Colic, you can help him”.

Credentials of Raúl Guzmán:

  • Higher Degree in the specialties of Naturopathy and Osteopathy by the Royal University Center María Cristina de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a university attached to the Universidad Complutense.
  • Head of the Osteopathy Service at VASS Clinic, author of the development of the training in Osteopathy for Children.
  • President of the Spanish Association of Infant Osteopathy. 
  • President of the European Association of Infantil Osteopathy.
  • Honorary Member of OMMA( Alternative World Medicines Organization).
  • Head of Service of the Gestational Osteopathy Unit at the Quirón San José University Hospital. 
  • Director of the Specialist Master’s Degree in Infant Osteopathy at the Universidade Atlântica de Lisboa, in Portugal and Spain.
  • Author of the book “The Colic of the Infant, you can help”.