The Okene´s sleepsuits based on a natural alternative (thermotherapy / aromatherapy) which can be combined with other natural remedies / alternative treatments, including the Infant Massage, click here:

Both Serafina Rueda, coordinator of the Spanish Association of Infant Massage (AEMI) and Alejandro GARCIA PEREZ, responsible for the Brand OKENE, recommend: Is very important to know if our baby has this problem, has to be diagnosed by a specialist and not There is an underlying medical condition or a nutritional problem that causes this state of agitation (intense crying and movements).

For that reason, as responsible for our children, we must be well advised by the specialists when applying the natural treatments that we mention and it is he who presents all the natural alternatives related to this disease.

Serafina Rueda recommends for the Okene´s sleepsuits, the movement  called the Sun and the Moon, which helps to alleviate the accumulation of feces and gas pockets of our baby, click here.

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Spanish Association of Infant Massage (AEMI)