Postural measures to relieve infant colic

A natural method to expel the baby’s gases and therefore reduce the likelihood of occurrence of infant colic are good postural measures, it is said, the baby is placed expands the gas after the shots and before he falls asleep.

The secret of the expulsion of these gases is to keep the baby’s back straight and to change position every 20 or 30 seconds until the burp occurs.

There are many positions that you can use and here I accompany you a video summary of them.

Another good postural measure is that the baby sleep in an elevated position in both the stroller and in his crib at least 30%. This will facilitate the expulsion of gases in addition to reducing the risk of reflux.

If you want more information you can do it in the video tutorial area of the web

Si quieres ampliar información puedes hacerlo en el área de videotutoriales de la web

Article: Pedro Camacho