For the few who do not know, as a specialist I will talk about the Rubio Method for the treatment of infant colic.

The Rubio Method has been working for more than 20 years to improve infant colic with excellent results.

This method, patented by Domingo Rubio (Diploma in Integral Osteopathy), consists, as a general rule, in two sessions of treatment: a first elastifying the outermost zone and the second, 4 or 7 days later, over the deep zone.

The sessions have an approximate duration of between 30 and 45 min each, and should always be done with the baby relaxed, obtaining a result of improvement or disappearance of the symptom greater than 90 percent.

This work also improves all functions related to feeding, assimilation and elimination of waste in the baby, also achieving an increase in their general well-being by improving sleep time and rest.

In summary, this work harmonizes, relaxes and elastifies the intestine as well as its fascial system, that is, it elastifies the content and the container.

For this work we use light pressures listening and waiting for the response of the body, from the most superficial area to the deep penetrating layers as the body leaves us until achieving the relaxation of the intestine.

With this we achieve in a natural way an improvement, both in the feeding of the baby, which makes more correct shots and maintains better the time between them, as in the intestinal transit and in the evacuation of feces and gases, a greater facility in belching, and as a side effect, increases the general well-being of the baby by increasing the quality and time of sleep.
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