Music Therapy


Babies like sounds that remind them of the rhythmic beat of your heart, and the noises they heard in your belly using also you can use relaxing or classical music.

The World Music Therapy Federation and the International Association of Music Therapy define:

Music Therapy  is the use of music and / or its elements (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) by a qualified Music Therapist with a patient or group, in a process designed to facilitate and promote communication, learning, mobilization, expression, Organization or other relevant therapeutic objectives, in order to attend physical, psychic, social and cognitive needs.

Its purpose is to develop potentialities and / or restore the individual’s functions in a way that can achieve better intra and / or  interpersonal integration and consequently a better quality of life through prevention, rehabilitation and treatment.

Music Therapy can be studied and applied from different performance models, which will in turn involve different contexts and modes of action. This look allows us to analyze the areas of intervention of Music Therapy from a more integral slope as it contemplates the groups of users, the physical contexts and the sense of work …

Following this line we speak of different models of professional performance: Clinical Music Therapy, Preventive and Community Music Therapy.

The Music Therapist not only uses music to listen to and enjoy it, but uses its components (melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics …), body, silence and various techniques and resources to approach people or groups according to their needs.




Recommendations and Warnings 

All Remedies / Natural Treatments can be combined with each other, because what works with one baby, may not work with another, so there is more chance of calming the baby.

We recommend to be well documented previously and / or advised by the specialists in the application of the natural treatments.

Very Important: Have a specialist examine your baby to make sure there is no underlying medical condition or food problem that causes that state of agitation (intense crying and / or movement).