Children Homeopathy 


Infant cramps, which affect almost 25% of babies, are frequent pathologies but whose manifestations are not always well tolerated by the baby / children.

A nursing baby is a very fragile being who still only ingests breastmilk or artificial milk. Consequently, it is advisable for parents to opt for homeopathy to alleviate the pain of colicky baby by offering a variety of medications to reduce their effects.

Homeopathic Medicines do not present any danger to infants,  since they are composed essentially of natural plant extracts used in small and well calculated doses.

 COLIKIND for Infants’ Colic 


Colikind® contains seven homeopathic strains specially selected to treat the different symptoms associated with colic of the infant, such as: pain, gas, irritability, restlessness, difficulty sleeping time, etc.

Colikind® are granules that are given before each lactation either directly into the baby’s mouth or dissolving them in a little water.

Colikind® is specially developed for babies from birth. Its excellent tolerability makes it an appropriate option to relieve the colics that many babies suffer.

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Recommendations and Warnings

All Remedies / Natural Treatments can be combined with each other, because what works with one baby, may not work with another, so there is more chance of calming the baby.

We recommend to be well documented previously and / or advised by the specialists in the application of the natural treatments.

Very Important: Have a specialist examine your baby to make sure there is no underlying medical condition or food problem that causes that state of agitation (intense crying and / or movement).