How to keep calm


*An inconsolable baby ir a tough challenge for any parent. If you feel like crying too, go ahead, do it. 

And remember: 

Relax, it’s nobody’s fault

When your baby resists your attempts to console him or looks angry at you, remember that he is too small to understand the concept of guilt. And although you can do a lot of things to try and calm him down, the fact that he has colic has nothing to do with your abilities as a parent.

If you need it, look for help

It is essential to share the baby’s care with your partner. Ask a family member or a friend to replace you from time to time so you can take a quiet walk or refresh yourself with a shower.

If you notice that you are angry or resentful with your baby notas que te estás enfadada o estás resentida con tu bebé, take a deep breath and put it in your crib.  Then call a family member or friend to come and take care of you for a while while you relax.

Although he is still crying, you have done everything possible

Maybe you can not get your baby to stop crying.  In fact, it may just be that you just cry, and the best thing you can do is respect and accept it.

Continue to do all the actions commented and show him much love, and let him cry with the tranquility and security of knowing that he is very dear.

Source: what to do to stay healthy when your baby has colic.