Ecological Fabrics



This characteristic is typical of BIO  garments, that is to say, garments in whose process of cultivation, elaboration and manufacture are not used chemical or synthetic products, avoiding spills toxic to the environment.

For this reason,  it is especially recommended for babies who may suffer from various allergies or other dermatological problems.

Organic Cotton

Cultivation, Processing and Manufacture: Cared for during cultivation, no chemical or synthetic products used, no genetic engineering and pests are controlled using other insects.

Anti-Odor: It has a deodorant capacity.

Hypo Allergenic (non-irritating): It is hypoallergenic and prevents redness, allergies and itching. It is ideal for babies, people with delicate health or skin conditions. And it is essential if you suffer multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

Absorbent: Absorbs moisture exceptionally.

Very breathable: Highly breathable, avoid odors.

Soft touch:  They are soft and comfortable, very pleasant to the touch.



Bamboo Fiber

Antimicrobial activity: Antibacterial (bacteria) and antifungal (fungi). Bamboo has an antibacterial and bacteriostatic bio-agent that allows it to resist pests, infectious pathogens and fungi.

Anti-Odor: It has a deodorant capacity.

Hypo Allergenic (non irritating):  Thanks to a natural agent included during the processing of the fiber, bamboo does not cause skin allergies.

Absorbent and excellent permeability: The garments do not stick to the body, it is able to absorb and evaporate in seconds the human sweat.

Very breathable: Its perspiration capacity and its freshness is really extraordinary.

Soft touch: Because of its origin it is much softer than cotton.

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Ecological Fabrics