This Mexican Brand (Parcheé) has been working for many years for our children, they are specialists have knowledge and experience in furniture, decoration, interactive children’s products and much more… all focused on developing the sensory integration of our children, creating a wonderful and unparalleled experience with their designs.

Parcheé, has the firm idea that the most valuable that you can give your children, a personal space for the development of their senses through spaces, furniture and products designed appropriately to their personality, to form a partnership with healthy children, efficient, cheerful and creative, to be bright adults.



Every day, in Parcheé is a different story that we live by being in contact with families, so the greatest inspiration as creators is to see the smiles of children making their dreams come true.

This day to day motivates us to continue developing new creations, in addition to dedicate ourselves to inform families of the latest developments in care by having specialists from each sector, including midwives, physiotherapists, nutritionists … more information on their website, click here .

Claudia Barroso

Creator of the Brand Parcheé, Claudia BARROSO URANGA, address of establishment, click here.