Baby Carrier MIO – I take it on my back –


Carrying the Baby is recommended, since  physical proximity is beneficial to create important emotional bonds between you and the baby,  as well as helping relieve colic and other diseases.



The Baby Carrier Mio, is suitable for babies from 3.5 kg to 10 kg. approximately and, also has two possible positions, one facing the mother or the other towards the outside.

Features of the MIO Baby Carrier:

  • Designed for  Maximum comfort, easy to clean, it has an external attached pocket and two bibs for your little one that will avoid stains of regurgitations. 
  • It is made with a soft breathable fabric with anti-bacteria treatment  that reduces the formation of bad odors, so it does  NOT irritate the skin.
  • The ribbons are cushioned for both the baby and the adult para el bebé como para el adulto and also, contains a support opening to hold the baby’s head.
  • The adjustable back buckle allows you to balance the baby’s weight according to the adult’s physical characteristics, thus relieving the back and shoulders. 
  • It is homologated according to  European Normative UNE EN 13209-2:2006.


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