Aromatherapy for Children.

It is the healing through natural essential oils coming from the leaves, seeds, flowers, wood, roots or the resin of different plants. For an aromatherapy treatment the oils are applied on the skin in the form of massages or inhaled. Aromatherapy, rather than treating the disease itself, is capable of contributing to relaxation, emotional balance and improved general well-being, which can at the same time relieve pains, stimulate the immune system, and ultimately exert an effect Very positive about psychic well-being. 

But the essential oils, beyond their fragrance, can also be effective due to substances with medicinal action that they contain, since  during a massage their active principles are absorbed by the skin.

Essential oils can be used alone or combined with several that have compatible effects.  You can use the oils in different ways:

  • For the application on the skin  the essential oils have to be diluted in other neutral oils, such as almond, sesame or avocado oil. As a rule, one drop of the essential oil is added to 2 ml of the base oil, although there are oils, such as thyme and tarragon oils, which require a higher dilution to be safe. To relieve the pain, the mixture can be used to give a light massage on the abdomen and lower back. 
  • For a bath, apply about 5-10 drops of the oil on a spoonful of sea salt and add the mixture to the bath water. You can also use avocado or almond oil instead of salt. 
  • For inhalation, a few drops of the essential oil are added to a bowl of hot water, and the vapors are inhaled for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • To set the room where you are, you can use a burner of essences (of these that work with a tea candle) by diluting a few drops of the essential oil with water. There are also electric diffusers that, connected to a plug, heat a small pad inside which previously have been applied a few drops of essential oil. 


In babies, it is often used the scents that give off the flowers in a bag that when heated produces relaxing effects, the most used being Lavender and Chamomile.

Each of the oils used in aromatherapy treatments are attributed certain properties that make it especially suitable for the treatment of certain diseases.



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Recommendations and Warnings

All Remedies / Natural Treatments can be combined with each other, because what works with one baby, may not work with another, so there is more chance of calming the baby.

We recommend to be well documented previously and / or advised by the specialists in the application of the natural treatments.

Very Important: Have a specialist examine your baby to make sure there is no underlying medical condition or food problem that causes that state of agitation (intense crying and / or movement).